Root rt1 iRobot Coding Robot: Programmable STEM/STEAM Toy That Grows with You, Creative Play Through Art, Music, and Code, Voice-Activated, Bluetooth Connection, App-Enabled (Android, iOS Compatible)

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Product Description

Drive and Turn Drive and Turn

Use code to direct the Root robot forwards, backwards and across flat or whiteboard surfaces!

Glow, Flash, Blink, Light Up Glow and Flash

Light up the room by coding the Root robot to glow, blink or flash the colors of the rainbow.

Tap, Bump, Touch Sensors Tap and Bump

Use the Root robot’s touch sensors or bumpers to prompt it to complete various commands.

Draw, Erase Draw, Create and Erase

Bring your canvas to life by coding the Root to draw with markers, or erase whiteboard surfaces!

See color, play music, detect color, see colour See Color and Play Music

Code the Root robot to detect different colors and play musical notes for each one!

1 Drive and Turn 2 Glow and Flash 3 Tap and Bump 4 Draw, Create and Erase 5 See Color and Play Music

For pre-readers and beyond iRobot Coding App iOS Android Windows Chrome MaciRobot Coding App iOS Android Windows Chrome Mac iRobot Coding App

Control the Root coding robot using its companion iRobot Coding app, compatible with iAndroid, Windows, Chrome, iOS and macOS devices.

Graphical coding drag and drop block imagesGraphical coding drag and drop block images Graphical Coding

Learning Level 1 uses drag-and-drop, graphical blocko teach the fundamental logic skills of coding. No reading skills required!

Hybrid CodingHybrid Coding Hybrid Coding

Learning Level 2 builds computational fluency with hybrid blocks that feature a mixture of graphics and coding script.

Full Text CodingFull Text Coding Full-Text Coding

Learning Level 3 uses full-text code to teach the structure and syntax of professional coding languages, including the powerful Swift.

Learning Library Activities Projects LessonsLearning Library Activities Projects Lessons Content that inspires

Our Learning Library is packed with hours of lessons, projects, and activities so you can get moving with your Root robot right out of the box. For advanced coders, additional premium content modeled after educational standards is available with a subscription.

Accessories Brick Top Tray 3D Printables LegoAccessories Brick Top Tray 3D Printables Lego Accessories to do even more

Use the robot’s magnetic attachment points, marker holder or charging port to attach accessories or your own 3D printed creations! Root Brick Top and 3D printed accessories not included.

Root rt1

Root Feature Comparison

Drive and Draw

Glow and Play Music

Tap and Bump

Sense Color

Erase Whiteboards

Navigate Whiteboards

Whiteboard Top

Root rt0 iRobot Root rt0 coding robot

Root rt1 Coding Robot Specifications

What’s Included? 1 Root rt1 coding robot, 1 Charging cable, 1 Set of vinyl cling stickers, 1 Fold-out whiteboard, 1 Microfiber cloth, 2 Dry erase markers, the iRobot Coding app Sensors 32x Color sensors, 4x Capacitive touch zones, 2x Front bumpers, 2x Light-sensing eyes, 2x Wheel encoders, 1x Power button, 1x 3D gyroscope, 1x 3D accelerometer, 1x IR cliff sensor, 1x Battery level monitor Outputs 2x Drive motors, 4x Large multicolor LEDs, 1x Piezo speaker, 1x Marker lift & drop motor, 1x Eraser lift & drop motor External Connectors 1x Charging cable port, 2x Charging contacts

What operating systems (OS) is the Root coding robot compatible with?

The iRobot Coding App is compatible with Bluetooth supported devices running most major, up-to-date operating systems, including Android, Windows, Chrome OS, iOS and macOS.

Are there any resources to help my children get started with the Root coding robot?

Yes! Visit the Learning Library at for resources to help you get started including starter tutorials, projects and videos.

What does your non-premium content include?

Geared toward encouraging experimentation, this content includes getting started tutorials, ready-to-go activities and exciting challenges. It often also includes seasonal and printable activities too (such as costumes for dressing up your robot!).

What does your premium content include?

Premium content features lessons and activities modeled after educational coding standards, including activity cards, BETA projects and lesson plans.

How do I download the iRobot Coding app?

The iRobot Coding App is available on the App store, Google Play store or on the web at When connecting to your robot using the online Web App, please also ensure you are using a Bluetooth supported browser such as Chrome or Edge.

Full Suite of Possibilities: Responsive to touch, obstacles, light, color and sound, you can program your Root to drive, turn, draw, erase, light-up, play music, vertically climb whiteboards, and more!
(3) Learning Levels: Begin with graphical coding before advancing to hybrid coding, followed by full-text coding. Suitable for any age or skill level, from pre-readers to blooming hackers.
Use the free iRobot Coding app and its database of activities to control, explore, and play with Root. Even preview how Root will react using the app’s simulation module.
Included: 1x Root, 1x charging cable, 1x set of vinyl cling stickers, 1x fold-out whiteboard, 1x dry erase cloth, 2x dry erase markers, coding app (Compatible with Android, iOS, web browsers)
Optional: Subscribe for premium learning content modeled after educational standards.


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