NiGHT LiONS TECH GPS Drones with Camera for Adults 4K,Obstacle Avoidance,3-Axis Gimbal,Anti-Shake,5G WIFI FPV,Long Flight Time,Brushless Motor,Auto Return Home(2 batteries)

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Product Description

Obstacle avoidance GPSObstacle avoidance GPS

GPS Drones with Camera for Adults 4K

3-Axis Mechanical Self-stabilizing Gimbal

3-Axis Mechanical Self-stabilizing Gimbal

EIS Anti-shake

EIS Anti-shake

4K UHD Camera

4K UHD Camera

Drone with 3-Axis Gimbal Camera

3-Axis Mechanical Self-stabilizing Gimbal

NO 3-Axis can not be called Gimbal

65°Lateral and automatic repair45°Horizontal and automatic repair,110°Vertical and automatic repair.

Drones with Camera for Adults 4K

Stable Enough to Move with your Heart

EIS Anti-shake

effect easily filter out the image vibration caused by the outside,and at same time keep the image quality.

Drones with Camera for Adults 4K

Smart Flying 4K HD Camera Drones

AI intelligence that can take pictures , really easy to use.

video resolution : 2K(2048*1080) 25fps stored in SD card

picture resolution : 4K(4096*3072) stored in SD card

360 avoidance drones gps

360 avoidance drones gps

camera drones battery

camera drones battery

optical follow me drones

optical follow me drones

drone with 360° Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance camera

the Avoidance camera could be intalled by your demand. Removable.The direction is controlled by the remote control stick.the abstacle avoidance distance is about 20meter(about 60feet),So please do not play indoor or an abstacle of the drone, when you fly with obstacle avoidance camera.need keep low speed mode. in the remote control have the Low and High gear Switch.helpful for beginer to avoid the accidents.

This Drone include 2 battery

7.6V 3400mAh, flight time about 26minutes per batteryLONG Flight Time on a Single Chargethe LED status show you how much power is left.

This drone include 2 battery, it mean you could flight about 52 minutes outside.

Drone with GPS , Optical flow mode Switching

Optical flow mode would have follow me function.

Mode 1 [Optical flow mode]: Mode 1 does not have a series of GPS function such as low-power return, one-click return,etc. Please pay attention to the flight distance and altitude when using.Mode 2 [GPS/Optical flow dual mode]: When the number of satellites reaches about 10 star, the remote control display changes from Mode 1 to Mode 2. this mode it have GPS and Optical flow dual function.

The remote controller have the button for GPS ON or OFF.

Trajectory Flight gps drones

Trajectory Flight gps drones

one key return home

one key return home




if you plot the desired flight trajectory,it can flight as the trajectory. It releases your hands without tedious operation. It can go anywhere that you desire.

Drone with Return Home in GPS Mode

Low battery return: When the battery is too low, the drone will return home automaticallyLost signal and return home: When the remote control signal is interrupted, the drone will return home automaticallyOne key return : You can also use the remote control to manually control the return home with one button

in the mode 1 [Optical flow mode] no this function, only in mode 2 [GPS/Optical flow dual mode] .

There is a slot for HIGH-SPEED SD CARD.

Due to the big picture and video,It must be HIGH-SPEED SD CARD, Or you would be fail to save in SD CARD.

(microSD Card is not included)



Special attention is:

on the right side of the control [1] is the control power switch. and the [9] is only GPS ON anf off switch , not the power switch.

someone often make confuse about this.

Spare parts list for B193 Max

spare parts list for B193MAX DRONE GPSspare parts list for B193MAX DRONE GPS

Question and Answers For this 193MAX Drones

1. Which is the drone serial number ?

Open your phone WIFI and drone battery power. Then you could see (XL-PRO-5G-******) in your phone WIFI. The last 6 number is serial number. For exmple, “XL-PRO-5G-14ba2e”, then 14ba2e is the drone serial number. Each drone have unique serial number.

2. Where to download the APP ?

A. Download QR code from our manual, B. Download QR code of the left of drone body

3. How to connect the APP or Wifi ?

Open the drone battery power, and then open your phone WLAN, you would see the XL-PRO-5G-******, and you connect this WIFI, and then open your APP, click “start” button, if connect success, you would see the image of camera. if not, please check your wifi again, keep the XL-PRO-5G-****** WIFI connecting. also you could contact me ,ask for vedio for how to connect WIFI.

4. How to USE the follow me function ?

it have introduce In the page 8 of Intruction for Xil PRO APP.pdf (attached in our link), or you ask for this by email me.

you need click the button in APP. Else follow me have three mode:

A. human tracking in optical flow mode B. Palm tracking in optical flow mode. C control tracking in GPS MODE.

【360°Obstacle Avoidance Camera】only available for low-speed flight! If obstacles are detected within 20 meters(about 60feets), the remote control will give an alarm, and the GPS Drones cannot move forward.
【4K 3-Axis Gimbal Camera EIS】65°Lateral and automatic repair, 45°Horizontal and automatic repair, 110°Vertical and automatic repair. 3-Axis Mechanical Self-stabilizing Gimbal + Anti-shake effect easily filter out the image vibration caused by the outside,and at same time guarantee the image quality.
【Strong & stable GPS Signal】5G Wifi FPV, 1200m(about 3900feets) control distance, 800m(2600feets) Wifi Image Transmission Distance,With Stronger GPS positioning. drones with camera for adults
【Long Flight Time & Extra Battery】 7.6V 3400mAh intelligent battery provides up to 26 minutes flight time. The package comes with 1 extra battery, extends your flight time to 52 minutes.GPS drones for adults.
【Easy to Fly】GPS drones return home, dual camera, GPS positioning, optical flow positioning, gesture photo/video, headless mode, one key takeoff and land, waypoint flight, point of interest, follow me, 50X zooming, Simple control: Altitude Hold and One Key Takeoff and Landing for easier operation, easy to control, perfect for our Operation Manual, it would have the scan QR code , operation and function video.


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