FeiyuTech Official VLOG Pocket 2 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphone iPhone 11 PRO MAX 12 Pro X XR XS Android Phone Vlog YouTube Video Timelapse Original Camera Control Mobile Face Object Track

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Product Description

FeiyuTech Official StoreFeiyuTech Official Store

PLACE & PLAY: Quick Capture Never Miss Transitory Moment

VLOGpocket2 Gimbal Stabilizer StructureVLOGpocket2 Gimbal Stabilizer Structure

Buying Guide & Specification

Buying Guide:

The Gimbal Stabilizer is designed to hold Phone/Camera in a way that prevent or compensate for unexpected movement like “shake” to shoot a stable, fluent video originally. Its stabilization principle comes from aircraft stability; Combined with Wireless Network, App Interaction, Digital Media Processing, AI Technology. Especially for iPhone/smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer, It becomes a collection of excellent stabilization, powerful Audio & Video Editing & enhancing for contents. Video Era is Coming, Gimbal Stabilizer Let You Speak for Yourself. You may refer to following 4 POINTS to measure which one is better for you:

SIZE & WEIGHT: Larger and Heavier gimbals are usually harder to carry. Handheld gimbals can however be, foldable, extendable or have a universal stick.BALANCE: Measured by how well(Motor Performance, Axis Number & Balance Algorithms) and how easy(Manual Balance/Auto Balance) the gimbal balances the smartphone/camera.BATTERY: A gimbal with a battery will perform much better other stabiliser – lithium-ion batteries are the best in class.VERSATILITY: Unlike professional photographer that have lots of training, people may not be as experienced in handling different shooting styles, so a phone gimbal with easier operation, more working modes, special effect and functions in App,3rd party camera App compatibility & necessary accessories will help more for fast high quality funny video creation.

VLOGpocket2 Specification:

Size & Weight: Folding: 111*57.9*146.6mm(similar as iPhone 11); Unfolding: 63.7*93.9*247.5mm ; Weight: 272g/0.59lbs;Pan/Tilt /Roll Range: 330°/165°/323°, 3-axis; Material: PC, PA6 and other high-strength & high-temperature resistant materials. Temperature range: -45 °-135 °;Running/Charging Time: Built in Lithium-ion Battery, 9 Hour Usage Time (when the load is 150g/0.33lbs); More than 1.5h for charging (Use 5V/2A adapter, don’t use fast charging adapter); Accessories: 1Pcs Type-C Charging Cable; 1Pcs Mini Tripod; 1Pcs Portable bag.


Max Payload: 250g/0.55lbs. Phone Width: Cellphone/Smartphone(with case) Width: 41-89mm/1.6-3.5 inches; Operating System: iOS / Android System, and other systems which base on android system, like Samsung,HUAWEI, XIAOMI, VIVO, OPPO,, etc.Example: For iPhone: iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, 11, XS Max, XS, XR, X, 8 Plus, 8, 7 Plus, 7, 6s Plus, 6s, 6 Plus, 6, SE2,SE, For Samsung: Samsung Galaxy S10+, S10, S9+, S9 , S9+, S9, S8+, S7, S7 Edge, S6, S6 Edge, Note 8/9; For Huawei/Honor: Huawei P30 Pro, P30, P20 Pro, P20, P10, Mate 10 Pro, Mate 10, Mate 9 Pro, Mate 9, Honor 9; For Vivo: Vivo NEX, Vivo X30, Vivo X30 Pro; For OPPO: OPPO FindX, For XIAOMI: Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S, MI 10, Mi 8, Mi 6; For ONE PLUS: OnePlus 7, 6T, 5, 3T etc. For Large-screen smartphones: like Honor NOTE10 needs to adjust phone to left slightly in landscapes mode;


You can navigate to “How to” on FeiyuTech Official Website /YOUTUBE/Feiyu ON App to master VLOGpocket2 using skills/shooting skills;Unlock 3 axis position lock first before powering on gimbal, Inception Mode can only rotate 323° ;

VERSATILITY: Various Amazing Special Effects in App & Video/Audio Editing

Light Rail View

Light Rail View

Dolly Zoom

Dolly Zoom

Profession Mode to set Camera Parameters

Profession Mode to set Camera Parameters

Content Creating on Feiyu ON

Content Creating on Feiyu ON

Various Photo Special Effects Energize Your Image

Say goodbye to the static image, let’s use the following special effects to make your image light up for different views. Enjoy your creation.

Ultra-wide Angle ImageQuick Panorama ImageFree Panorama Image180 Panorama Image360 Panorama ImageOverlapping ImageLight Rail Image

Take Strong Visual Impact Video with Professional Special Effects

Everytime when we are amazing at the great shot in the film, we may ask ourselves, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could make some video clip like this?”. Nice! VLOGpocket2 can help you realize in taking:

Dolly Zoom Video;Light Rail Video;Static Time-lapse Video;Track Time-lapse Video;Bluetooth High Quality Audio.

As a Professional Photographer

As an experienced photographer, you can turn on Professional Mode and set the parameters of camera as you required:


The normal special effects are great for you like HDR,Filter, Beauty,Flash & Auxiliary line etc.

Edit Video and Be a Creator

How to make Video/Photo More Funny after using gimbal stabilizer to take the video clip? Add music, add sticker, add special effects to your video/photo and share them and the happiness to your friends. All can be done in Feiyu ON App. We enjoy and create the happy life.

VERSATILITY: Abundant Powerful Basic Features

Multiple Gimbal Working Modes

Multiple Gimbal Working Modes

Fast Follow Mode

Fast Follow Mode

Landscape/Portrait Mode

Landscape/Portrait Mode

Gesture Control

Gesture Control

Lots of Basic Working Modes: Create Dynamic Shot to Make Footage Attractive

VLOGpocket2 supports abundant basic working modes for video:

Pan Follow ModePan Tilt Follow ModeFollow ModeLock ModeManual LockReset

Fast Follow Mode for Quick Movements

If we cannot stop, if we cannot keep up with the fast moving, if we want to make a quick scene changes while in recording, how can we capture the moment? Just single tap and then press and hold Trigger button, the “Fast Follow Mode” will start and the gimbal will follow your actions.

Landscape/Portrait Mode Switching

Just double click the “M KEY” and you can switch between landscape mode and the portrait mode .Triple Tap Trigger Button to switch between front camera and back camera

Timer/Gesture Control

You can set time countdown/no delay for snapshot/recording from App. Also you can use the “V” gesture for starting to take photo and a “Hi” palm gesture to start video recording

New Feature: More Flexible & Higher Compatibility Spark Your Creativity

M-KEY and Shortcut Menu

M-KEY and Shortcut Menu

Compatible to Original/3rd Camera App Directly

Compatible to Original/3rd Camera App Directly

Mobile Face Object Tracking

Mobile Face Object Tracking

M-KEY Customized Function with Power Button Menu Shortcut

With “Shortcut menu” started by power on button, you can customized working mode of “M-KEY” /default mode and navigate to most of photo/video features quickly on smartphone Screen.

Compatible with Original/3rd Party Phone Camera App

VLOGpocket2 can connect and control the original phone camera/3rd party Video Camera App which can control snapshot/video via Volume Up key directly via Bluetooth(Required iOS Version >= 9.0,Android Version >= 6.0).

Mobile Face/Object Tracking Focus

New Mobile Focus Face/Object Tracking can fix or move tracking of a main body to any position on the screen. This helps show more information to audiences in front of the camera to make your video exciting.

Great Balance Performance, Portable, Simple & Flexible

Drone Stabilization Algorithm

Drone Stabilization Algorithm

Foldable and Portable

Foldable and Portable

Simple Front Control Panel Design

Simple Front Control Panel Design

M-key for flexible

M-key for flexible

Brushless Motor 3 Axis with Advanced UAV Stable Algorithm

Benefits from experienced UAV/Drone development, FeiyuTech use the latest UAV stability standard & technology with power brushless motor to VLOGpocket2 to provide the most fundamental stable performance to users in 3 axis.

Place & Play; Fold & Store

Foldable, position lock and auto balance, make your shooting a breeze. No need to waste lots of time to balance smartphone manually every time. And it is more convenient to store and pack.

Simple Front Control Panel

Capture, record, zoom, adjust direction, switch mode – these operations are easily accessible in the “Front Control Panel”. The landscape can also change quickly, but basic operations are the same.

M-KEY Customization Makes Improves Flexibility

“M KEY” function can be quickly customized to different working mode features from “Shortcut Menu” to capture the beauty of different scenery in its own way. Flexible, efficient but really simple.

Foldable 180mm Extendable 180mm Extendable Foldable 4 in 1 4K Stabilizing Camera

3-axis; Brushless Motor; Auto Balance 3-axis; Brushless Motor; Manual & Auto Balance 1-axis; Brushless Motor;Auto Balance 3-axis; Brushless Motor; Manual & Auto Balance 6-axis; Brushless Motor; Electronic Stabilization; Auto Balance

Run/Charge Time
9H/≥ 1.5H(10W Charger) 12H/≥ 2H(10W Charger)/Charge phone 6H/≥ 2H(10W Charger) 9H/≥ 3H(10W Charger) 4.5H(1080p@60fps)/≥ 1.2H(10W Charger)

Working Modes
Fast Follow/Pan/Lock/Follow/All Follow/Manual/Portrait Mode Fast Follow/Pan/Lock/Follow/All Follow/Manual/Portrait Mode Lock/Roll Follow/Portrait Mode Pan/Lock/Follow/All Follow/Selfie/Time-lapse/ /Manual Mode Fast Follow/Pan/Lock/Follow/All Follow/Selfie/Recenter Mode

Shortcut Menu

Face Object Tracking
Mobile Normal Normal Normal Normal

Static/Tracking Timelapse; Ultra-wide/Fast/Freehand/180°/360° Panorama Static/Tracking Timelapse; Ultra-wide/Fast/Freehand/180°/360° Panorama Static Timelapse;Freehand Panorama Static/Tracking Timelapse; Ultra-wide/Fast/Freehand/180°/360° Panorama Static/Tracking/Hyper Timelapse; U2x2/ 3×3/ 180° Panorama

Video/Imge Effect
Slow Motion/Dolly Zoom/Light Rail Video; Light Rail/Overlap image Slow Motion/Dolly Zoom/Light Rail Video; Light Rail/Overlap image Slow Motion/Dolly Zoom/Light Rail Video; Light Rail/Overlap image Slow Motion/Dolly Zoom/Light Rail Video; Light Rail/Overlap image Slow Motion

Video/Image Editing

Image Editing

Main Material
PC/PA6 PC/PA6 Plastic ABS/PC Aluminum Alloys Aluminum Alloys, ABS/PC

【Being Director/ Photographer of Professional】Plentiful modes, photo/video functions, help to make contents interesting professionally. Including: Pan / follow / all follow / Fast Follow / Lock / Inception Mode, Timer/Gesture Control, 180/360 Panorama shooting, ultra-wide angle photo, image overlap, Light Rail photo / video, Dolly Zoom, Still / Track Time-lapse, Slow Motion, Beauty/filter setting etc., Image enhance/Video clip with different preset special effects;
【Simpler, Smoother & More Practical】Foldable & Position Lock design with mini tripod & portable bag make it a real carry-on gimbal; Front control panel, assemble common used buttons(Joystick / Photo / Zoom / M key), Customized “M key” function of work mode / photo / video feature is easy set on shortcut menu by tapping power button. This way define own pattern for various scenes, make sure you grab every significant moment; New claw clamp hold tightly and protect your mobile phone button;
【Face Challenge Confidently】3-axis, brushless motor, auto balance provide real-time, more fluent manner to prevent unwanted movement, realize “install & play” anytime anywhere; Fast Follow works as shadow to follow changes in fast-changing scene/motion state; Not fixed in center, by changing focus to any position on screen, Face/Object Tracking helps to show more like in web-cast, move face position to screen top before changing scene from sitting to stand in portrait mode to show whole body
【Exciting Original / 3rd Party Phone Camera App control & Uncovered View】: Unobstructed views in ultra-wide angle shooting with new arm design in landscape / portrait mode; Direct bluetooth connection to iphone/Android phone for fast snapshot/video in original / 3rd party phone camera App which supported capture/record by “Volume Up Key”; Huawei/Xiaomi/Oppo & Vivo with 10.0 Above Android system, just click button to wake up original camera App to start photo/video/zoom operation on gimbal


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